Journey of the Rhode Runner Podcast – Episode 3: Personal Trainer Adriana Ferns

Here is Episode 3 of the Podcast. This is my first interview for this show. I wanted it to be Adriana, my personal trainer, who got me back into running. She got me to run a 5k race within a couple of months, after not having run a race in decades. She has some great stories, so I hope you enjoy this! And we would love to do an Ask the Trainer segment of the show. So if you have any fitness or nutrition questions, please email them at Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show:

Show Notes

– Meet personal Trainer – Adriana
– Troubled youth, Adriana, decided to change her life around, and fell in love with fitness
– Studied to be a certified personal trainer
– One-on-One training vs. Group Training
– Adriana’s obstacle course racing, and 5K racing
– Taking selfies during a competitive race
– Training for obstacle course races
– Trainers should practice what they preach
– Azores Active Trip. You can sign up. $1,850 for single occupancy or $1,750 for double occupancy. If you are interested, or have questions, email Adriana at

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