Episode 5: 80s Rad Retro Race – Pre Race w/ Toni McAlister

A new podcast episode is finally back up! My two worlds collide in this crossover episode – Return to the ’80s, and Journey of the Rhode Runner. I will be traveling to the Atlanta, Georgia area for the 80s Rad Retro Run, which is being held on May 5, 2018. I had the privilege and honor to speak with the race founder and race director, Toni McAlister. Come join us, as we discuss the history of this race, the great charity that it is for, the awesome 80s band that will playing live at the race, the cool cutting edge technology of the race chips. Oh and by the way, Toni is a huuuuge 80s fan! So we talk a lot of 80s as well.

– Meet Toni McAlister – 80’s Rad Retro Run organizer
– In the early days, the race was on a farm. Now it is on the grounds of a university
– How the 80’s theme and charity was decided
– Money raised to support rescuing women and children from human trafficking
– Kids sparked the idea
– The most awesome medals ever! Started with mini rubiks cubes. Now the medal is an actual cassette tape
– One of Atlanta’s top local bands, Wicked, will be playing at the race, and donated their services
– 80s talk – the best music evah!!
– Atlanta is the biggest hub for human trafficking
– Life of a race director
– Sponsors – Chuy’s and Big Peach
– Favorite music
– How Toni got Wicked to join in on the cause
– 80s movies
– 80s hijinks in Germany
– Things to do in Atlanta
– Trail running talk
– High tech chip timing
– Dress up in your 80s gear
– Ultra Hourly races

Visit https://tortoiseandthehareracing.racesonline.com/ to see the schedule of all the Tortoise and the Hare races, including the 80’s Rad Retro Run.

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