Journey of the Rhode Runner Podcast – Episode 14 – Protein, Pre/Post Workout Meal, Nutrients

Paul and Adriana are back with more listener questions. We got some great questions from Maddy this week!!

– Don’t be a Dickbag – Be kind to cashiers
– Burpee Challenge postponed until February
– New Years Day Polar Plunge
– So far 6 people interested in 2019 Tunnel to Towers 5k in New York
– Question #1 from Maddy – How much protein does the body really need? I feel like society has been pushing PROTEIN PROTEIN PROTEIN in our faces. Is it just marketing? Or do we really need that much?
– Question #2 from Maddy – What’s the best pre/post workout snack?
– Question #3 from Maddy – Wwhat is the best time to eat before a workout and what’s the best time to eat post workout?
– Nutrients

Here is the link to the nutrient chart:

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