Episode 40: Celebration, Running Again, Free Bush/Cheap Nuts, Pull-Up Challenge

Welcome to a new episode of Journey of the Rhode Runner!

Warning: If you are not happy with the election results, or are in denial that there are actual real election results, you can skip ahead to 14:25, and will enjoy a great show! If you are happy about the election results, you will love this from beginning to end! There are a few spots where there were audio problems towards the beginning, but hopefully they aren’t too distracting.

We cover a wide range of topics. Enjoy the show!


  • Celebrate good times, come on!
  • America’s wake-up call
  • Politics talk – If you’re not happy about the election results, skip to 14:25. If you’re happy, Enjoy!
  • Paul is up to 4 mile runs
  • Adriana is out running again
  • Adriana’s recipe (Italian style, so don’t expect measurements)
  • If you’re bush is free, you should have cheap nuts
  • Pull-up challenge
  • Lose Weight app
  • Getting out and coping with Covid
  • When you’re sitting in you’re pile of s**t, enjoy it for a minute then get the f**k out


We would  love to hear from you. Do you have any favorite healthy recipes? Do you have any workout or health & fitness questions?

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