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Hey Everybody, I hope you’re all staying healthy over this holiday season. Apparently, quite a few Rhode Islanders aren’t.

We are “on pause” for another week. But, let’s face it…we’re going to be on pause, if not a full out lockdown, through the end of the year at least.

This means the gyms are still closed. So this is what I have been doing for workouts (besides running)


Even before the gym shut down, Adriana had given me a workout to do at least once a week to help me gain stability and flexibility – especially in the hips since I sit down for work all day. This is also strengthening my ankle.

Seated Hip Internal Rotator Stretch
90 90 Stretch
Bentover Lunging Hip Flexor Stretch
Thoratic Rotations
PVC Pipe Pass Through (I use a broom since I don’t have a PVC pipe)
Ankle Cars
Single Leg RDL
Alternating Bird Dog
Hip Airplanes
Angled Side Bridge Hip Abduction

I have graduated from my 30 Day Lose Weight app, and now you can choose your own exercises from the app. So I showed Adriana all the available exercises in the app, and she put together a workout for me.

Toy Soldiers – 10 each side
Bicycle Crunches – 10 each side (Level 2 from the video)
Jumping Jacks – 50

(3 rounds)
Inchworms – 10
Squat Reach Ups – 10 each side
Incline Push-ups – 20
Burpees – 20
Roundhouse Squat Kicks – 15 Each Leg
Lateral Plank Walk – 20 seconds
High Stepping – 20 seconds

On top of these, I am also doing my Plank workout app.

And one of the most exciting things about my new at-home workouts is that Adriana has created a YouTube channel, and posts workouts there as well as her weekday Corona Yoga. I highly recommend taking advantage of these workouts. It’s just like being at the gym, but without having to get in the car and drive there.

You can look up Adriana Ferns on YouTube and subscribe. Here are a couple of videos.

At Home Workout (including warmup and cooldown and stretching)

Atomic Core

Foam Roll and Stretch

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