Episode 44: Introducing Adriana’s Trainer, Sam Brown – Taming the Tasmanian Devil and Pacing Like a Jaguar

Welcome to a new podcast episode of Journey of the Rhode Runner. On this episode, we welcome Adriana’s personal trainer/coach, Sam Brown. He specializes in treating lower back injuries. So, come see what it’s like training Adriana, and also get important information about building up stability and mobility to prevent injury.
We also get into the Rhode Island shutdown once again.
This episode is very entertaining and educational, so come listen and enjoy!

– Introducing Adriana’s trainer – Sam Brown
Certified McGill Practitioner
– Helps clients recover from lower back injuries
– Sam takes on “Tasmanian Devil” Adriana as a client
– First step for Adriana – F****n’ relax so hard!
– The importance of Mobility and Stability
– Sam’s thoughts on Rhode Island’s pause and gym shutdown
– Maxx Double Standard

Sam can be found on Instagram @sambrownstrength

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