Daily Stoic: Seeing Our Addictions

“We must give up many things to which we are addicted, considering them to be good. Otherwise, courage will vanish, which should continually test itself. Greatness of soul will be lost, which can’t stand out unless it disdains as petty what the mob regards as most desirable.” ~ Seneca, Moral Letters

Inspired by The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living

Addiction can come in many forms – not just the ones that involve a 12-Step recovery, such as drugs, alcohol, food, and sex. Things such as social media or anything that consists of constantly looking at your phone, television, gossiping, can all be a useless waste of time, especially if they are preventing you from being your best self. Sure, social media can be good to connect with people and communicate with friends and family members. But, using it in excess will cause you to miss out on other things. I enjoy television. It can put my brain on autopilot after a long day of using my brain at work and school. But, it’s not good if I’m up late binge watching something, then wake up exhausted the next day. Sometimes I can get good story ideas from a good show. But, if I’m planted in front of the TV too long, I’m not getting any writing done.

Freeing yourself from an addiction will save you time and money, and it will allow you to be your best self and feel good!

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