Daily Stoic: Cut the Strings That Pull Your Mind

“Understand at last that you have something in you more powerful and divine than what causes the bodily passions and pulls you like a mere puppet. What thoughts now occupy my mind? Is it not fear, suspicion, desire, or something like that?” ~ Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 12.19

Inspired by The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living

Wow! Marcus Aurelius lived from the years 121-180 AD. So, this was said almost 2,000 years ago, and still stands true today. It seems that 2,000 years ago people could be just as easily distracted by things that don’t matter just as much as they do today. These days, it’s so easy to be distracted by our phones. Between social media feeds, games, and streaming, we spend a lot of time on things that don’t matter, and a little time on things that do matter. We need to spend more time on things that will make a difference. Our minds do need a rest, so those online distractions can be useful in moderation. But, we can’t let those distractions rule our minds.

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