Episode 46: Navy Boot Camp and Fold Your Hat as Tight as a P….

Adriana and Paul are back with a new podcast episode of Journey of the Rhode Runner!
On the day that this is recorded and released, it is 32 years to the day that Paul left for Navy Boot Camp. He tells of his experience and also has a lot of stories.
There is plenty of other fun stuff too. So site back and enjoy!

– Thank you for listening, you lovely, Dirty little Woo Woos
– Paul’s reinjured back
Copicut Woods – Great place for trail running
– Paul’s ankle is doing well
– February 21, 1989, 32 years today – Paul goes to Navy Boot Camp
– Paul’s boot camp stories
– Adriana studying for Sports Nutrition
– Vaccinations
Soul Friend YogaAlso on Episode 43
– Adriana’s Panty Mask video
– Return to the ’80s Twitter account hacked. You can now go to @rtt80s

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