Episode 48: Return to Racing and Podcasting, Yoga Support, and Runners’ Tourettes

Hello Everybody! The Journey of the Rhode Runner podcast is finally back after a long hiatus. Adriana and Paul make up for lost time by covering a wide range of topics and emotions – From the sudden passing of Paul’s father, to finally racing in a post/pre pandemic world, to the awesome world of Soul Friend Yoga.
Warning: Being that we are often politically “incorrect”, if you are easily triggered, you may want to skip this one and check out the next podcast. Otherwise, this is an incredibly fun and satisfying show!

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– We’re back after a loooong time
– Post/Pre Pandemic
– Shoutout to Wendy
– Adriana’s Kids push it and come back too soon
– News of Paul’s father’s sudden passing
– Summer of the Sinus Infection
– Summer Nights 5k
– Paul may have come back to early for the 40th Annual Little Compton Race
– Snot Rockets and Spit
– Upcoming Obstacle Course Race – Rugged Maniac 5k – September 25, 2021 – Team Total Fitness
Finish For a Guinness 5k – September 5, 2021
– Runner’s Tourettes
– Adrianna’s PRP update
The Book on PRP: An easy to understand “consumer’s guide” to understanding how platelet-rich plasma is used to treat problems such as tendonitis, … fasciitis, and other related disorders
– Paul Going Back to Florida
– Douchenozzle Ron DeSantis
– Orange Residue
SoulFriend Yoga
Youth Pride Community
– Adriana’s Yoga Classes
– Obstacle Course Training
– Adriana tries to talk Paul into going to Boot Camp
– Free Boot Camp every Saturday morning at 7am at Independence Park

Please check out the following sites:


Providence Power Yoga

All That Matters

Barre Coast Boutique + Studios

Nanaquaket Yoga

Troy City Yoga

Lighthouse Sanctuary

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YouTube: Adriana Ferns

Soulfriendyoga.com – Use the code SOUL20 for 20% off

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