Episode 49: Tribute to Paul Stroessner

Welcome to a brand new episode of Journey of the Rhode Runner. This is a very special episode. Some of you may or may not know that my father, Paul Stroessner, passed away suddenly on June 3, 2021. It has been a very difficult few months. Not only did he and I share a name, but we also shared a birthday. In honor of our birthday, my mother and I recorded this episode, reflecting on my father’s great life. Despite the great loss and sorry, there are plenty of funny stories, so please enjoy!

– Paul Stroessner (1946-2021)
– Mom and Dad meet
– Vietnam
– Valentine’s Day wedding
– Living in Providence
– Early work life
– Moving to Warwick
– Being active with the kids
– Lots of reminiscing
– Retirement years
– Bob Ross
– Friends
– Vacations and Cruises
– Moving to Florida
– Love of dogs
– Sami
– The Grandchildren


Episode about grief

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